Checkout 51 Referral Code for $5 Bonus Cash Back

We’re all about money savings coupons and Checkout 51 is a great new way to do just that without the hassle of cutting out coupons or redeeming them at the store.

Checkout 51What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 lets you shop just as you would at practically any store of your choice and all you have to do to get money back is upload your store receipt and the offers you used. It’s that simple.

So for example, if there was $5 off chicken strips and you purchased that product, select that offer and upload a photo of your receipt. The money is almost instantly credited into your account and you can cash out as soon as you go over $20.

Bonus cash back with a Checkout 51 referral code

Checkout 51 has just introduced its referral program, which is officially in beta, and now anyone who sign up through a referral such as ours right below can receive an instant $5 credit ot their account:

Sign up with that link, and you’ll get an instant $5 bonus when you redeem your first offer in the app. So stop clipping coupons and get a wealth of offers right on your phone.